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Welcome to the World Missionary Association Website !

We are happy to announce the publication of our book
Faith Journeys - Stories to Inspire Your Faith
The Paperback book shares the stories of Missionaries
Jim and Mary Nipp in their travels and work in
Africa and Latin America.
 Each of the 32 short stories will inspire you.
If you like adventure,be sure to get a copy
of this exciting book filled with challenges.

“This book will reshape your view of what it means to be obedient to the Lord.
 It will call you for your response to the Great Commission.
 Those who seek adventure need to read this book
and learn from Jim and Mary Nipp.
 From Indiana to Africa and beyond, north, south, east, and west,
 we can see how the Lord called Jim and Mary and how they followed that call,
 making a difference for the Lord.
“Your faith will be inspired as you read the real-life account of ones who took God’s call personally
 and responded obediently by going into all the world.”

Dr. Donna Thomas, President, Christian Vision Ministries
Carmel, Indiana

You can purchase the book through our website by PayPal
Go to the "Add to Cart" Button below to place your order.

The World Missionary Association is a 501 (3) (C) Non-Profit Organazation
We are selling the Book, "Faith Journeys" as a Fund Raiser.
All Profits from sales are going to needy children around the world,
and for scholarship funds to assist newly trained Christian workers.

WMA Missions - Letting God's Love Shine Around the World 

You can make a direct donation to WMA Missions
by using the Donate Button below.


To Purchase Copies of the Book,  Faith Journeys - Stories to Inspire Your Faith, Click on the Add to Cart button below:
Single Copies of the book are $14.95.  If you order 6 or more copies at one time, the price is $12.95 for each copy.
Add $2.00 postage for each book ordered.   NOTE: Postage cost applies to USA only.  International shipping Cost is additional.

     Special Offer: Purchase a single copy at regular price and receive a set of Note Cards of watercolor reproductions paintings by author.
     Special Offer: Purchase 6 or more copies at volume price and receive an extra free copy of the book.
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